Drilling and Blasting of Rock Socket Pipe Piles

Installation of Post Tension Anchor Systems

Rock Reinforcement


Agassiz Drilling is pleased to provide the R10 GNSS technology, Trimble’s flagship GNSS system, for all our valued customers. The Trimble R10 GNSS system enables our operators to collect more reliable data and deliver accurate measurements via multiple satellite connections from anywhere in the world. Our fully integrated system provides unprecedented speed, accuracy and reliability.

Instantel™ Blast Monitoring

Agassiz Drilling uses global leader Instantel™ for all of our Blast Monitoring requirements. For over 30 years, Instantel™ has provided best-in-class vibration, noise and air overpressure monitoring equipment for the blasting industry.

Instantel™ monitoring technologies recognize the challenging environments that we operate in daily and understand the need to access monitoring data quickly and reliably. They understand our unwavering commitment to ensure the job is done safely and within regulation.

Instantel™ specializes in remote data collection and provides a cloud-based data hosting solution to provide Agassiz Drilling, and our partners, with real time reporting capabilities.

Mag Guard™ Satellite Surveillance

Agassiz Drilling partners with Mag Guard™ Monitoring, the industry leader in remote security surveillance technologies. Their services include security, access control, magazine tracking, remote site monitoring, and secured data reporting in real time from almost anywhere in the world. 

Mag Guard™ Monitoring meets or exceeds all standards as required by Natural Resources Canada – Explosives Regulatory Division.